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 $FP. helpers.Html
 Behavior: FormatJson
 Behavior: FormatPdf
 Behavior: ModelSearchList
 Behavior: MynaAuth
 Controller: Direct
 Controller: Page
 Myna. Admin
 Myna. Cache
 Myna. Cluster
 Myna. CommonJS
 Myna. Database
 Myna. DataManager
 Myna. DataSet
 Myna. DataSet(Server-side Only)
 Myna. Event
 Myna. HttpConnection
 Myna. Inflector
 Myna. JavaUtils
 Myna. KeyStore
 Myna. Permissions
 Myna. Permissions. Right
 Myna. Permissions.User
 Myna. Permissions. UserGroup
 Myna. Profiler
 Myna. Query
 Myna. QueryParams
 Myna. QueryResultRow
 Myna. Sandbox
 Myna. Shell
 Myna. Swing
 Myna. Table
 Myna. Template
 Myna. Thread
 Myna. ThreadGroup
 Myna. ThreadPool
 Myna. ThreadPool. Future
 Myna. Validation
 Myna. ValidationResult
 Myna. WebService
 Myna. XTemplate
Global object for defining and managing a Myna application.
A global object for interacting with cookies in the current request
A session-scoped object for passing messages to views.
Core framework instance for Myna FlightPath
Global object that contains properties related to the current request.
Global object for managing the servlet response.
Global object that stores information about the server environment.
Global object for managing the servlet session
Additional functions on the JS Array object
Web browser asynchronous function utilities
A model’s bean class
Row data access object generated and returned by ManagerObject.getById
Applies filters that will automatically convert action returns into JSON responses
Applies filters that will automatically convert views into PDF documents
Applies a “list” function to this controller that will search members of its model (only DB based models)
Applies action.controller based authentication and rights checking to controllers.
In FlightPath, controllers (the C in MVC) are represented by the Controller class.
Framework controller class for working with Ext.Direct
Framework controller class for serving simple pages out of the app/views folder.
This date class adapted from
Additional functions on the JS Function object
Table data access object generated and returned by Myna.DataManager.getManager
Data Modeling base class.
Top Level library package (server-only).
API for Administrative functions
Creates and manages cached objects
Static functions for interacting with cluster objects
A library for interacting with a CommonJS environment
Provides database metadata and manages Myna.Table objects
Creates Objects for reading from and writing to database tables
A specialized array for working with tabular data
Myna.DataSet features only available server side
Class for managing distributed events
A Javascript friendly proxy for
Connects to HTTP resources
Static class for converting English words to plural and singular forms
Collection of static functions for working with Java objects
Manages keys sets and encypts,decrypts,signs,and verfies data.
Represents a connection to an LDAP server
Email Object
A static class that provides access to the Myna Permissions System
Provides access to Right specific actions.
Provides access to user specific permissions.
Provides access to user group specific actions.
Stores execution times between begin() and end() functions
Sql query object Overview: The Query object can be used for queries that return a result set (select statements), as well as those that do not (create, update, insert, delete etc...)
Object that contains query parameter information Detail: This object can be constructed from an array or via the Myna.QueryParams.addValue function.
Object that represents a row in a jdbc result set that can retrieve values and metadata Detail: This object is normally constructed by Myna.parseResultSet to pass to Myna.Query.rowHandler
Creates a sandbox for running JavaScript code with restrictions on access to Java and and hosting code.
runs an interactive shell
Helper function for creating Swing based UI’s
Create modify and delete SQL tables
Create a text template with placeholders that can be merged with data at runtime
Executes code in a separate thread
manages a collection of threads
Creates a ThreadPool that can execute a function multiple times in separate threads, with a maximum concurrency
wrapper for Java Future.
A store for validation functions that can be used to validate objects
Stores the results of one or more validation operations
A WebService meta object that can serve requests for SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, JSON-MYNA, and Ext.Direct
An extention of Myna.Template that supports looping and conditional operations
Myna extensions to the JavaScript Number object
Additional functions on the JS Object object
Additional object related functions
Additional functions on the JS String object
Table data access object generated and returned by Myna.DataManager.getTreeManager for Modified Pre-order Tree Traversal (MPTT) organized tables
Sub-class of BeanObject generated and returned by TreeManagerObject.getById
Rhino’s E4X object