A MynaPath is a file URI String with certain automatic translations.

File URI strings generally look like this


Notice that the file separator is the same for both Windows and non-Windows Operating systems

Any MynaPath that begins with “file:” is considered absolute and is not translated

Any MynaPath that starts with “/” is considered to be relative to the $server.rootDir.

Any MynaPath that does NOT start with “file:” or “/” is considered to be relative to $server.currentDir

See Myna.File.toString for information on creating an absolute URI from a MynaPath

See Myna.File.javaFile for information on creating a object from a MynaPath

MynaPath representing the Myna root directory.
MynaPath representing the directory of the currently executing script.
Myna.File.prototype.toString = function()
returns the full MynaPath represented by this File
the underlying object