Myna Data Objects

Myna comes with several standard objects to simplify database access for developers. All database access is pooled by default, and opening and closing connections is automatically done for you.

You will notice that there are several ways to accomplish the same thing. Myna attempts to provide a large array of simple tools so that you can use whatever way best suits you. Each of these tools can be customized as well.

Myna.Database - Myna.Database
Provides database metadata and manages Myna.Table objects you use.

Myna.DataManager - Myna.DataManager
DataManager is a dynamic Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool to simplify basic Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations on database tables. This can significantly speed development time.

Myna.Table - Myna.Table
Provides a generic object for working with individual tables. Includes functions to modify table structure as well as obtain information about the table.

Myna.Query - Myna.Query
The Query object can be used for queries that return a result set as well as those that do not. (select, create, update, insert, delete, etc.). This object provides a quick and easy way to interact with your database.