Myna Quick Start Guide

  • Download Myna from the download section.
  • Deploy to your servlet container (Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, etc).
  • Browse to the root folder of the context.
  • You're done! Myna is that easy!

Myna is distributed as a web archive file (myna-version.war). This can be deployed like any other web archive in a servlet 2.4+ container. It has been tested on Tomcat, Winstone, Jetty and Sun Java Web Server 7. Please let us know if you test on any other containers. Myna also contains an embedded Tomcat server and the .war file can be executed as an installer for this server

Using the embedded Tomcat server:

  • Open a commandline window
  • Navigate to the folder containing the Myna-<version>.war file
  • run java -jar myna-<version>.war --help
  • Follow the instructions to install Myna or upgrade an existing installation
    • Install example: java -jar myna-1.9.19.war -m install -p 8180 -u www -w /www/myna
    • Upgrade example: java -jar myna-1.9.19.war -m upgrade -w /www/myna
You can use the "upgrade" option even if Myna is not running in it's embedded Tomcat servlet engine


Once Myna is deployed, browse to the root folder of the context. Here you will see a introduction page with a quick tutorial, links to Myna's packaged documentation and a link to Myna's Administrator. You should access the Administrator right away and set you password. After entering a new password, you will be directed to the Administrator main screen. After taking note of the admin url, you can delete the index.html file and create your own default page.