Myna Server Features

Myna comes with a built in administration application!
All currently implemented settings can be modified through the provided administrator application. There isn't any complicated text files to configure.

Dynamic pages can be created immediately on deployment.
There is no need to to set up complicated application definitions.
See the Quick Start Guide

Myna comes with built in database connection pooling.
You do not need to configure anything to use it. Just define your data source in the administration interface and go.

Myna comes with built in object relatioanl mapping (ORM).
This is designed to allow the developer to write less code. It is built in! Nothing complicated to configure.

Myna provides webservices.
That's right! Javascript webservices. The Myna WebService object can provide service descriptions and handle service calls for SOAP, XML-RPC and JSON-RPC protocols

Myna provides script profiling.
A global profiler object is available for profiling code. You can display an execution time summary at the bottom of every page if you wish.

JVM 1.5 and greater compatibilty.
The Rhino API is accessed directly rather than through Java 6's scripting API.

CommonJS Support
Myna now comes bundled with the Narwhal Java implementation of CommonJS. Learn more about CommonJS at