Myna Server Utilities

Myna Server Utilities is a collection of objects to facilitate application building as well as working with and interacting with the Myna server.

Myna.sjs - Myna.sjs
is the top level library for Myna only functionality. This includes such things as including files, executing shell commands, aborting execution, loading properties, etc.

Myna.JavaUtils - Myna.JavaUtils
is a collection of static functions for working with different Java objects.

Myna.Permissions - Myna.Permissions
is a static class that provides access to the Myna Permissions System.

Myna.Thread - Myna.Thread
can be used to execute code in a separate thread.

Object - Object
is comprised of additional functions to the JavaScript Object object. Using this object is optional as you must include ObjectLib.js in order to use the additional properties.