Server and Client Utilities

Myna Server and Client utilities provide an array of useful objects and utilities which can be used both on the server and the client except as noted. You can use them in your browser in the header section just like any other JavaScript code.

These can be loaded into the browser via: <script src="http://host/path-to-myna-root/shared/libOO/client.sjs"></script>

Myna.Profiler - Myna.Profiler
can be used to track execution time on the client or server. On the server, there is a global $profiler object always available to use. However, you can use more than one at a time.

Myna.ValidationResult - Myna.ValidationResult
is an object used to store he results of one more validation operations.

Myna.Template - Myna.Template
can be used to create a text template with placeholders that can be merged with data at runtime.

ObjectLib - ObjectLib
contains additional functions to the JavaScript Object object.

Array - Array
adds additional functions on the JavaScript Array object

Myna.DataSet - Myna.DataSet
An extention to Array for handling arrays of Objects, such as Query resultsets.

Date - Date
is adapted from the EXT js library It provides a large number of features for working with dates.

String - String
provides a large number of additional functions for working with strings. This String object can be used on the server or client.

String - Server Side Only - String
contains additional Myna specific functions on the JavaScript String object. This object can only be used on the server.

Function - Function
contains additional functions on the JavaScript Function object.

debug_window - debug_window
creates a new browser window and displays an interactive view of the supplied object. This can only be used on the client side.