Myna 1.0 Beta 2 Release Change Log

This release contains bug fixes and minor enhancements

Changes in his release

  • Added function Myna.Permissions.getRightByName
  • Modified Myna.Permissions.addRight to modify an existing right if found rather than create duplicate right
  • Modified Myna.Permissions.addUserGroup to modify an existing group if found rather than create duplicate group
  • added function Myna.Permissions.addApp
  • added function WebService.getAuthUser
  • allowed any user with "myna_admin/full_admin_access" right to have full access to the permissions application
  • Added the ability to add users through adapter searches to the permissions application
  • added index for event_ts to myna_log_general table
  • made "today" the default criteria for "start date" when viewing the general log
  • modified the "after log id" search to use the timestamp rather than lexicographical comparison of the log_id because UUID's have no guaranteed order
  • fixed bug in login page that cause the page to fail under tomcat