Myna 1.0 Beta 3 Release Change Log

This release contains a major security fix, minor feature enhancements, minor bug fixes and documentation updates

Security Fix

  • Fixed authorization error in db_manager that allowed un-privileged access

New Features

  • Added Myna.Permissions.User.hasAnyRight: This tests if the user has any in a list of rights. Good for deciding whether to allow a user to log in
  • Added String.listQualify: adds a symbol to the beginning and end of each list item. Good for escaping text lists for use in SQL
  • Added $res.redirectWithToken: redirects user to a URL, including an auth_token of the current user. Used to enable auto-login to other Myna applications
  • Added Object.copy: shallow and deep object copying
  • Added Permissions.getAppValues: returns display name and description for an app, or null if app does not exist
  • Added support for Google's openid properties. Google only supplies email and language currently, but Myna asks for all the reg properties in case they change their mind.

Other changes in this release

  • Fixed several bugs with Permissions.addApp
  • Removed some stack traces from printing to prevent information leaks. stack traces still available in logs
  • Updated $server.resolveUrl to handle absolute URL's intelligently
  • Fixed delimiter bug in listMakeUniqueNoCase
  • Added deferExec bug fixes
  • Sync error logging for WebServices
  • Added error logging for printExtApi(ext-api)
  • Fixed bug in ext api for functions with no parameters
  • Fixed bug in ext api documentation for AJAX callbacks
  • Better error handling for web service objects