Myna 1.0 Beta 4 Release Change Log

This release contains some new features, performance enhancements, minor bug fixes and documentation updates

New Features

  • Added a sub-template pre-processor to XTemplate.

    entering a path inside hard brackets "[]" in a Template will internally call Myna.includeTemplate() with that path and the currently scoped values. The text generated from the template will be inserted at that location. This makes it possible to include Templates from inside other Templates.

  • Added new data source property: "Use case-sensitive names?"

    This is "false" by default. Setting this to true will cause all references to database table names and columns to match exactly how the entity is defined in the database instead of being forced to lowercase.

  • Added "mynaThread" property to Myna.Thread

    This property references the subThread's MynaThread instance. Setting this to null will prevent access to the subThread but will also allow the subThread's memory to be released when the thread finishes

    • Added Myna.Thread.releaseOnJoin property

      Default "false". When set to "true" all subThread's are released after a call to join()

    • Added Myna.Thread.captureOutput property Default "true". When set to false, no output will be captured from subThreads. Combining this with Myna.Thread.releaseOnJoin results in maximum memory efficiency for "fire and forget" subThreads

Other Changes

  • modified Myna.Permissions.User.qryRights() to provide more useful columns
  • Fixed bug in permissions application regarding user group rights
  • Fixed but in WebService constructor when passing a file path
  • Fixed bug in Myna.Permissions.UserGroup.addRights regarding key generation
  • moved ext from the /shared/js/ext_latest folder to /myna/ext. It is recommended that users install their own copy of Ext and not refer to the version distributed with Myna
  • Modified Myna.includeTemplate to use an XTemplate internally and fixed the documentation
  • Modified global Java error handler to print stack traces as usual when instance purpose is "DEV". Any other instance purpose will generate "An error has occurred. See administrator log for details."
  • Modified File.listFiles to now return directories as well as files.
  • Modified File.listFiles to accept either filter definition or the string extension list as the first parameter
  • updated docs to include examples for File.listFiles
  • added db_property "columnQuoteChar" which is the backtick for MySQL and the double quote for the others. This can be used anytime you need to escape and column or table name
  • Fixed bug in Date.formatInterval where milliseconds were not being rounded to a whole number
  • Fixed bug in DataManager.manager.findBeans that caused an error for numeric keys
  • Fixed several DB bugs related to the new columnQuoteChar property
  • Added per request DB metadata caching. This should speed up DataManager operations
  • Added newline (\n) to Myna.println to make the source more readable.
  • Converted all references to HashTable in MynaThread to ConcurrentHashMap. This should allow better performance under heavy load
  • Converted all concurrency classes in MynaThread to Java 5 classes. This should provide slightly better performance and better reliability since the classes are now deprecated
  • The $server.currentDir property is now set correctly inside of application.sjs files. Previously any Myna.File operations in these files where executed against the /shared/js/libOO directory. These are now executed against the directory in which the application.sjs file resides. Also note that $application.on functions will execute against $, which may not be the same directory in which the function was defined, if the event function has been chained via Object.after()