Myna 1.0 Beta 5 Release Change Log

This release contains some new features, performance enhancements, minor bug fixes and documentation updates

New Features

  • Added symlink support. Now myna pages inside symlinked sub directories will appear to be in the myna directory instead of the actual directory where the file resides. This should allow application.sjs nesting to work properly
  • Added extra parameters to Myna.Thread.joinAll(): timeout, throwOnTimeout, and killOnTimeout
  • Added Myna.ThreadGroup: a class for grouping multiple threads together with the same options
  • $cookie.getAuthUserId() will now return the same value in a subThread as in the parent thread
  • Cookies and request data in subThreads now match the parentThread
  • Added property to WEB-INF/ webroot. When this property is set to an absolute MynaPath, then this directory will be used instead of attempting to calculate the root directory
  • Modified several file tests to interpret security exceptions as "not exists". This makes Myna more friendly to security managers
  • Updated H2 jar (1.2.131)
  • Added "json-sans-eval" by Mike Samuel as the default JSON parser. This parser offers a speed increase and the ability to parse dates. This parser also does not use eval() so it is impossible to execute JS code in JSON
  • Added Hazelcast distributed messaging system. Currently cluster membership is based on the myna_permissions connection details. Only instances with the same url and password for myna_permissions will cluster
  • Added new property $server.dataSources which is a JS structure of DataSource details
  • Made some cosmetic changes to the Myna Administrator to make it more clear which server you are looking at when you have multiple servers
  • Added event system to Myna via Myna.Event. This allows distributed events across the Myna cluster

Bug Fixes

  • fixed bug where Database.isCaseSensitive was blowing up for in-memory databases
  • fixed bug in case-sensitive db code that caused all datasources to be sensitive by default
  • Fixed bug with webroot property that could cause errors accessing files
  • Fixed bug in $cookie.getAuthUserID that could cause timeouts on every page
  • Modified new password dialog to use a Myna include instead of includeTemplate
  • Fixed bug in Table.modifyColumn related to isCaseSensitive. This was causing the "black page" problem in beta4
  • Added fix for bug that caused logins to fail when the token contains url encoded characters
  • Modified DataManager.manager.find to detect numeric search criteria
  • Various Myna.Thread tweaks
  • Fixes for PostgreSQL schema support
  • Changed default lock type to "SERIALIZED"