Myna 1.0 Beta 6-1 Release Change Log

This release includes bug fixes and the experimental commandline feature

New Feature: Commandline Mode

The Myna commandline mode is a OS-specific batch file that invokes Myna in a private JVM for the purpose of running a single JS file. This allows nearly the full functionality of Myna from the commandline, even if the Myna server itself is not running.

See the docs for more info.

Other Changes:

  • Updated h2 DB engine to 1.2.142
  • Added Myna.dumpText to create an ASCII tree instead of HTML
  • Fixed formating bug in EJS eval blocks
  • fixed infinite loop bug when listing the webroot
  • "_index" as the last item in a URL will causes a file listing to be displayed even if there is a valid index file.
  • added "null" date of 01/01/1900 as lastModified for files that do not have a lastModified time